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Social Media Marketing Policies

I believe have a policy on using social media marketing is a must for all companies considering using things like face book and twitter. Image

1. Keep posting current content- People are not going to keep reading the same thing over and over again. Get people involved, have contests, give your company a name or personality that people can follow and relate to

2. Have a person or office dedicated to maintaining and managing the social media. Having a dedicated person will make sure the content posted represents the company properly and that all content is consistent and true.

3. Have a policy in place to decide what content should be allowed on the page by other users. for example negative comments or experiences by consumers. Are there words that users will be deleted for? Also for employees of the company if they list the company as their employer is their page full of alcohol and drug use? are they a racist and post unacceptable material? There should be a plan for this type of thing.

4. If a user breaks one of the polices what will be the repercussions of this? will they lose their job  be forced to remove the company from their page? There needs to be strict policies on this.





Social Media Marketing Plan?

This is a good slide show that I found that gives a decent over view of social media and a few related topics to give you an overall better understanding of the social media marketing realm.

I agree with most of this slide show except it leaves out the idea of competitions or sweepstakes. Enter your photo of you and your favorite hamburger helper to win free hamburger helper for a year type things. These are the kind of things that in my opinion really take off on social media. Everyone will pay attention to free stuff from companies they love. The salt and pepper shakers from the required slideshow was a great example to put a name to a rice side dish and that was proven to work! 

Overall the best thing in social media is to give your brand a face and once it has a face give people a reason to interact, a way to stay connected, respond to customers on social media, make it personal and the “likes” and “shares” will increase. 

one other thing to remember is social media is a full time job people loose interest quickly without new things to look at or with long response times if youre going to use social media make sure you are commited because just as good publicity can happen fast on fast book bad publicity travels even faster.

Effective social media marketing

Marketing with social media can be a tricky task because just as you can post how good your product is someone can say how bad it is just as fast and everyone can see it. The trick seems to be to know your target audience and appeal to their likes and interests. a recent dentist office has done just that. There was video of a Mrs. Sweet Brown  where her catch phrase ” aint no body got time for that”  was told to news reporters and the video instantly went viral. No one had heard of the dentist office but they decided to call up Mrs Brown for a commercial. Now in my opinion she has no real talent but I watched the commercial on youtube. Using a social media star has now gotten this dentist office viral as well. This was a good use of the social media marketing. They also kept it interesting, it wasnt just about this is our dentists name this is our phone number this is our address no it was upbeat it was funny and with a person we have all seen before. Companies need to be very careful not to offend anyone in their social media efforts. One wrong toe out of line can have millions of people  saying inapproiate things degrading your company and cause a massive hit to your companys reputation. But with todays advances in technology a company can go under from not using social media. Its were people go and trust the opinions of other people there. You want them saying good things about your company not bad

Marshall McLuhans

I learned quite a few things while researching this amazingly intelligent man. The insight he had decades ago seems impossible. He has in a sense predicted exactly what has happened with the introduction of the internet. He spoke of our communication methods changing and shaping our lives, not what was being communicated but how it was being communicated. I was watching CNN today actually and a story came on that was alarming.  “Teens texting while sleeping, growing problem” . This method of communication is changing our youth. Its not about what the text message says its the text messaging itself. Social media definitely exhibits all the characteristics of McLuhans tetrad idea. Social media has enhanced communication in a way unimaginable in McLuhans day. People who live on opposite sides of the earth can log into a website and video chat any time they like. This is a long way from early telegraphs.

At the same time that social media enhances some things it has dampened others. People wanted to communicate and people are saying alot on blogs facebook and twitter. however less people are being heard. The average person with a blog doesnt have many followers. people are now aware that anyone can post anything they want on social media so they are less likely to believe or read what you post unless you have some credentials  that make you a creditable person.

With social media it has brought back people rallying together for causes!. when something goes viral in todays world people from all over who believe in it can donate to the cause or help out in some way. when the social media first started it was everyone wanted their own page. now people can have pages for activities or causes and bring people together once again!

Of course with social media people are no longer sending cards and letters. why would they when getting on a social media site is cheaper then buying the card and mailing it. not to mention its alot faster. The only thing I am still left to wonder is whats the next medium we will have?

Bud Light Marketing

Over the past few years a few of my friends have become “friends” with budlight on face book. Using a face book account for your comapny is a great way for it to be seen by millions. The company offers trips on curises and to the super bowl etc. You enter these different contests by “liking” something or sharing it and even possibly tagging budlight on your posts or pictures. This is a brillant idea. People want to win and it doesnt cost money to enter and only takes a few clicks. by holding these contests budlight is being seen all over facebook by people that are not their “friend”. They have used social media to their advantage and didnt have to spend millions of marketing and advertising, just a small amount of the cruises.southbev