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Nation Wide Insurance Case Study

May 13, 2013

Nation Wide Insurance has an interesting approach when it came to their twitter account. I honestly didnt expect much. What can an insurance company possibly tweet about to keep me interested. However I was amused to find alot of things worth reading. They are trying to sell you insurance of course, but they do in a way to keep you reading. Such as having a baby? They have tweeted about having a child and things you can do to keep them safe. They also posted a study about how texting and driving can lead to accidents and how to prevent this. One post I like was one graduating recent high-school graduates and saying if they don’t know the next step in life to try out a career at nation wide.



I was honestly a little disappointed when I visited their facebook page. It was identical to their twitter page. Why would anyone follow both? I know that I have both twitter and facebook and to see the exact same posts and tweets, I would be annoyed getting alerts twice for the exact same thing. I know it is hard to come up with relevant content for this type of company but they should at least mix it up and post on thing on twitter then give time before posting the exact same thing on facebook. It is interesting content, however having already read it once it becomes less and less interesting. It does appear that each branch office has their own facebook. Im not sure if I like this idea. because if one office is running a special, everyone online could see that special and expect in their own store location, which might not have that special, this can cause disappointed customers who might not purchase anything and take their business elsewhere.




The youtube channel I found much more interesting then the facebook page. They had videos of things that they had sponsered. such as a fire department demonstrating how space heaters in the house can cause house fires and then they listed ways to use these safely. If is in their interest to keep people safe because then they dont pay out insurance claims. But they dont come across that way. The videos come across as if they actually care about YOU and your family personally. Its very friendly and welcome. They do try to say cheap ways to stay safe. Also on their channel they have short interviews with a couple employees. These videos show the person talking about their job and what they contribute to the company. Their promises to people and the ways they help customers that sound very appealing.


Site Sharing

They do have on their various social media sites the option to like and or share the post video or tweet. Yes this is cool however, I feel that these small icons on the page dont get used as much as they potentially could be. If a user has to go out of their way to share something they probably wont. If a box pops up and asks them to share or some action similar they might be more prompted to do it. it would make it quicker, simpler, and more used I believe.




I did not see any open contests or anything. No ‘share your pic and win’ or any sort of interaction with the consumer. interacting is one of the most important parts of social media.   Without it the consumer doenst feel that personal connection that is strived for. The more the customer interacts with a company the more likely they are to buy that product and keep buying that product.

It seems as though they have covered what they seem to be the basics of a social media presence. although they add interesting content in some aspects. There is no reason to keep coming back to the social media sites once you have given it a good visit and looked at everything.


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