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Measuring the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing

May 13, 2013

I found 3 Website that list the ways that they recommend to analysis the effect social media marketing is having on the company

1.     this website keeps it very simple and straight forward approach. I agree with the things that they recommend to look for such as shares. If people are taking the time to share any post that a company has posted then it is then reaching the news feeds of all of their friends. also a person who shares is more likely to become a customer.

2. This website has 3 main ways to measure the effectiveness of the social media platform. One that I really Like that I was not aware of is the Tools that facebook can offer to the administrators of companys accounts. They have a tool that can count if a person clicks on an add on the facebook page to go to the company website and register with them. Then you can know that it was effective at least enough to convince them to register.

3. This website uses a very technical approach and has four ways to measure things. Then you would use those numbers in comparison to the numbers before the launch of the social media marketing strategy and then you would be able to see where the company stand with their social media presence. They do mention that this is not a 100% full proof way. Just the one they highly recommend

Summary- Overall It is very hard to tell if social media is working for you, that is unless something goes viral. Then millions of people have seen it. However there are a few ways to look at things to see if they are even be seen or if people are ignoring them all together. All three of these websites had 3 common things to look at. 1- the number of ‘friends’ ‘likes’ ‘shares’ This lets you know if people are seeing things 2- monitor what people are saying. is it good things or bad? 3- what has changed in the company since the launch? sales increase? decrease? Nothing is full proof and some times the success of the company is plagued by bad things happening in the world. However its a good idea to know where a company stands.



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