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Duck Dynasty Case Study

May 13, 2013


ImageDuck Commander is a company that makes duck calls. It started as a small but good business and when the new ceo stepped in he turned it into an empire. He started by using social media, then they turned into a tv about how country hunting boys turned millionaires live their day to day life. The twitter account does a great job of updating followers of the daily activites of the people. Now with the tv show they have added hats shirts dvds mugs almost anything is now part of the “duck dynasty” social media and twitter has no doubt helped in building this empire.


The men of duck commander, or at least the ceo, has realized how much of an impact social media has. Every person on the show has their own facebook account which appear to be regularly updated. also there is a duck dynasty tv show facebook page, for updates on the tv show and other important things. There also is a duck dynasty fan facebook page where fans can come and post thoughts or ideas or pictures they would like to that are relevant to duck empire. very great way to keep people interested and coming back. They hit a how run on this one.



You Tube

I was not overly impressed with the shows you tube channel. Yes they did have alot of content that was interesting. But they did not have in organized into categories, it was more a jumbled free for all. Also I noted that when I went to the channel nothing started playing automatically. When a user goes to a channel thats exactly what expect- a CHANNEL. You know like on the TV its constantly playing. Some good you tube channels that I have seen have videos already in a que that will begin playing once you navigate to that page. A person is more likely to watch the video if they dont have to dig around for it. At least the most recent video should start to play once the page is loaded. Also with all the other outlets of social media duck commander personalize it the logo the colors etc. The you tube channel is well plain and boring.


The CEO sure knows what hes doing when it comes to getting everyone to remember their name. Everywhere I looked their were contests, from free gear and a house party, to an autographed shot gun and a camping trip.


They do an excellent job and interacting with the user at a personal level and its very intriguing. I have not talked to a single person who doesnt like at least the TV show. The company is skyrocketing and their social media presence has played a very large role in their success.



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