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April 28, 2013


I actually discovered that the music bands that i followed had a better feel for twitter. They posted an array of information like quotes, upcoming shows, informing fans of a death of their graphic designer. Where as the other websites had mainly tweeted about contests or prizes. I had no idea what they were talking about they did not post anything else explaining to new followers what the contest was or what the company was about it was very confusing.


The guidelines I would suggest for using twitter:

1. Tweet everyday, multiple times a day. This decreases the chance of the follower becoming bored. They will feel more connected and it will help to make the relationship more personal.

2. Don’t only tweet about one thing. Make sure you remind/inform new users what is going on that day, explain contests everything you tweet about them. This gives new followers a way to essentially join the conversation.

3. Only have one person manage the account. When you have multiple people handling something like this some posts may contradict others or there may be missing or incorrect information. Better to keep it all in the hands of one person who knows the account and checks for validation before posting any important information.


LinkedIn is a very useful site for social media marketing. It is in essence used by business professionals to “network”. This gives a chance to meet other professionals that may know of a job opening that would work for them. They also could seek advice from other professionals on products to use.

This is great for marketing a specific audience. For instance, if you were selling high-end office furniture that was expensive, LinkedIn would be a better site than facebook because the general audience of LinkedIn are business professionals while facebook is a huge mix. However if you were trying to market mac and cheese then LinkedIn would be a horrible decision.


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