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3 companies who use FaceBook in their marketing plan

March 20, 2013

Hollister Co. is a clothing company that I have liked since I was in high-school. I will admit I have never been to their Facebook page before. Here is the link so feel free to take a look. I was actually surprised at the level of interactivity on the page. They had a ‘caption this’ contest ( this is where a photo is given and you pick out the best/funniest caption and post it as a comment. The company then picks a winner). It was actually pretty funny to see what one won. For a clothing company it can be hard to come up with things to put on a Facebook page, people can go to the website to look at a catalog Facebook should be interactive and this page definitely did just that. I will rate it in first place.

Mountain Dew is a drink that again I love.  I have seen the things mountain dew puts on their page mostly because of my friends liking things and entering their contests. I like the things that mountain dew posts. They talk about following the kick-start vehicles so that you can find them in your town and win big. They also post stuff from the sports that they sponsor, this gives the people that drink dew something they are interested in to look at and read about. They did not have enough interactive things in my belief though. They could have had some posts where users would fill in a blank or something to that effect. I will rate this one in second place.

Walmart has an interesting Facebook page. I say it is interesting because almost every single post was an advertisement for a product they have on their shelves. They had also posted something about how they donated a bunch of food somewhere. To make this more interactive I would highly recommend something for the user to do. For instance have a post stating that for every like or share they will donate 10 cents to the food banks, or something to that effect. They should also post things about contests like go to this store on this day say you saw it on Facebook and get 10$ free. Something to get the people involved. This is why I am putting Walmart in last place.


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