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Blogging: is it useful?

March 8, 2013

Classmates Blogs

  • I read Justin Yoders blog and what I liked about his blog on feb 11th, was the 5 guidelines to social media marketing. He listed 5 great guidelines in a simple sentence then expanded on them in a paragraph. It was explained in a way that was easy to understand as well. You can read it here Justin has posted some other very useful information as well but I particularly liked the guidelines he had.
  • Social media marketing can have a great impact on your company but one wrong move can destroy it as Brian C wrote on his blog. He had a story about mcdonalds where a twitter feed was created. This was planned to be used to help promote the company with users sharing their good experiences and favorite things about mcdonalds. The reality was that people were using this to tell horror stories of their trips to mcdonalds. I really liked this because it is a prime example of how touching social media marketing can be. You can read his blog here :

Blog about Social Media Marketing

  • Heidi Cohen has a great blog about social media marketing. Specifically she blogged about 7 questions every small business must ask to succeed. This is the blog. I found this very helpful because it pointed out things that are simple but often over looked. I never would have thought to ask these questions. this is another blog that Heidi has written about the 8 steps to produce content that grabs your audience. These are again very simple but often over looked things. Heidi has a way of explaining things so that they small business owner could follow her blog and create a successful social media marketing plan. or at least one that does not ruin the company.

Business blogs

  • Starbucks was an interesting blog to read. It had taken some negative comments from someone and posted a blog asking what every thought about it. This was interesting because they are being active with the audience and getting feedback. They are getting input they can use to better their products. People feel involved and feel as if the company has a personal interest in what they are saying. They posted often to the blog which keeps people reading and they asked lots of questions engaging the readers. It was a good blog I rate it an A.
  • this is a blog for best buy. I was not impressed it was like I was reading a website almost. There was nothing engaging about the blogs purely informational which is a good thing however it did not give me a reason to keep reading. I felt the post where random and not well thought out. I give this site a C.
  • Home depots blog was interactive. They didn’t have lots of questions they were asking the readers, however they were posting information regarding home improvement projects. people can come here for ideas or even instructions on how to do certain projects. They do use this to promote their products. teaching people and giving them information on how to to a project will encourage them to come in and get the materials needed to do the job. Very good Idea. I rate them a B+

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