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Social Media Marketing Plan?

February 24, 2013

This is a good slide show that I found that gives a decent over view of social media and a few related topics to give you an overall better understanding of the social media marketing realm.

I agree with most of this slide show except it leaves out the idea of competitions or sweepstakes. Enter your photo of you and your favorite hamburger helper to win free hamburger helper for a year type things. These are the kind of things that in my opinion really take off on social media. Everyone will pay attention to free stuff from companies they love. The salt and pepper shakers from the required slideshow was a great example to put a name to a rice side dish and that was proven to work! 

Overall the best thing in social media is to give your brand a face and once it has a face give people a reason to interact, a way to stay connected, respond to customers on social media, make it personal and the “likes” and “shares” will increase. 

one other thing to remember is social media is a full time job people loose interest quickly without new things to look at or with long response times if youre going to use social media make sure you are commited because just as good publicity can happen fast on fast book bad publicity travels even faster.


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