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Marshall McLuhans

February 16, 2013

I learned quite a few things while researching this amazingly intelligent man. The insight he had decades ago seems impossible. He has in a sense predicted exactly what has happened with the introduction of the internet. He spoke of our communication methods changing and shaping our lives, not what was being communicated but how it was being communicated. I was watching CNN today actually and a story came on that was alarming.  “Teens texting while sleeping, growing problem” . This method of communication is changing our youth. Its not about what the text message says its the text messaging itself. Social media definitely exhibits all the characteristics of McLuhans tetrad idea. Social media has enhanced communication in a way unimaginable in McLuhans day. People who live on opposite sides of the earth can log into a website and video chat any time they like. This is a long way from early telegraphs.

At the same time that social media enhances some things it has dampened others. People wanted to communicate and people are saying alot on blogs facebook and twitter. however less people are being heard. The average person with a blog doesnt have many followers. people are now aware that anyone can post anything they want on social media so they are less likely to believe or read what you post unless you have some credentials  that make you a creditable person.

With social media it has brought back people rallying together for causes!. when something goes viral in todays world people from all over who believe in it can donate to the cause or help out in some way. when the social media first started it was everyone wanted their own page. now people can have pages for activities or causes and bring people together once again!

Of course with social media people are no longer sending cards and letters. why would they when getting on a social media site is cheaper then buying the card and mailing it. not to mention its alot faster. The only thing I am still left to wonder is whats the next medium we will have?


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