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Effective social media marketing

February 16, 2013

Marketing with social media can be a tricky task because just as you can post how good your product is someone can say how bad it is just as fast and everyone can see it. The trick seems to be to know your target audience and appeal to their likes and interests. a recent dentist office has done just that. There was video of a Mrs. Sweet Brown  where her catch phrase ” aint no body got time for that”  was told to news reporters and the video instantly went viral. No one had heard of the dentist office but they decided to call up Mrs Brown for a commercial. Now in my opinion she has no real talent but I watched the commercial on youtube. Using a social media star has now gotten this dentist office viral as well. This was a good use of the social media marketing. They also kept it interesting, it wasnt just about this is our dentists name this is our phone number this is our address no it was upbeat it was funny and with a person we have all seen before. Companies need to be very careful not to offend anyone in their social media efforts. One wrong toe out of line can have millions of people  saying inapproiate things degrading your company and cause a massive hit to your companys reputation. But with todays advances in technology a company can go under from not using social media. Its were people go and trust the opinions of other people there. You want them saying good things about your company not bad


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