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Measuring the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing

I found 3 Website that list the ways that they recommend to analysis the effect social media marketing is having on the company

1.     this website keeps it very simple and straight forward approach. I agree with the things that they recommend to look for such as shares. If people are taking the time to share any post that a company has posted then it is then reaching the news feeds of all of their friends. also a person who shares is more likely to become a customer.

2. This website has 3 main ways to measure the effectiveness of the social media platform. One that I really Like that I was not aware of is the Tools that facebook can offer to the administrators of companys accounts. They have a tool that can count if a person clicks on an add on the facebook page to go to the company website and register with them. Then you can know that it was effective at least enough to convince them to register.

3. This website uses a very technical approach and has four ways to measure things. Then you would use those numbers in comparison to the numbers before the launch of the social media marketing strategy and then you would be able to see where the company stand with their social media presence. They do mention that this is not a 100% full proof way. Just the one they highly recommend

Summary- Overall It is very hard to tell if social media is working for you, that is unless something goes viral. Then millions of people have seen it. However there are a few ways to look at things to see if they are even be seen or if people are ignoring them all together. All three of these websites had 3 common things to look at. 1- the number of ‘friends’ ‘likes’ ‘shares’ This lets you know if people are seeing things 2- monitor what people are saying. is it good things or bad? 3- what has changed in the company since the launch? sales increase? decrease? Nothing is full proof and some times the success of the company is plagued by bad things happening in the world. However its a good idea to know where a company stands.



Duck Dynasty Case Study


ImageDuck Commander is a company that makes duck calls. It started as a small but good business and when the new ceo stepped in he turned it into an empire. He started by using social media, then they turned into a tv about how country hunting boys turned millionaires live their day to day life. The twitter account does a great job of updating followers of the daily activites of the people. Now with the tv show they have added hats shirts dvds mugs almost anything is now part of the “duck dynasty” social media and twitter has no doubt helped in building this empire.


The men of duck commander, or at least the ceo, has realized how much of an impact social media has. Every person on the show has their own facebook account which appear to be regularly updated. also there is a duck dynasty tv show facebook page, for updates on the tv show and other important things. There also is a duck dynasty fan facebook page where fans can come and post thoughts or ideas or pictures they would like to that are relevant to duck empire. very great way to keep people interested and coming back. They hit a how run on this one.



You Tube

I was not overly impressed with the shows you tube channel. Yes they did have alot of content that was interesting. But they did not have in organized into categories, it was more a jumbled free for all. Also I noted that when I went to the channel nothing started playing automatically. When a user goes to a channel thats exactly what expect- a CHANNEL. You know like on the TV its constantly playing. Some good you tube channels that I have seen have videos already in a que that will begin playing once you navigate to that page. A person is more likely to watch the video if they dont have to dig around for it. At least the most recent video should start to play once the page is loaded. Also with all the other outlets of social media duck commander personalize it the logo the colors etc. The you tube channel is well plain and boring.


The CEO sure knows what hes doing when it comes to getting everyone to remember their name. Everywhere I looked their were contests, from free gear and a house party, to an autographed shot gun and a camping trip.


They do an excellent job and interacting with the user at a personal level and its very intriguing. I have not talked to a single person who doesnt like at least the TV show. The company is skyrocketing and their social media presence has played a very large role in their success.


Nation Wide Insurance Case Study

Nation Wide Insurance has an interesting approach when it came to their twitter account. I honestly didnt expect much. What can an insurance company possibly tweet about to keep me interested. However I was amused to find alot of things worth reading. They are trying to sell you insurance of course, but they do in a way to keep you reading. Such as having a baby? They have tweeted about having a child and things you can do to keep them safe. They also posted a study about how texting and driving can lead to accidents and how to prevent this. One post I like was one graduating recent high-school graduates and saying if they don’t know the next step in life to try out a career at nation wide.



I was honestly a little disappointed when I visited their facebook page. It was identical to their twitter page. Why would anyone follow both? I know that I have both twitter and facebook and to see the exact same posts and tweets, I would be annoyed getting alerts twice for the exact same thing. I know it is hard to come up with relevant content for this type of company but they should at least mix it up and post on thing on twitter then give time before posting the exact same thing on facebook. It is interesting content, however having already read it once it becomes less and less interesting. It does appear that each branch office has their own facebook. Im not sure if I like this idea. because if one office is running a special, everyone online could see that special and expect in their own store location, which might not have that special, this can cause disappointed customers who might not purchase anything and take their business elsewhere.




The youtube channel I found much more interesting then the facebook page. They had videos of things that they had sponsered. such as a fire department demonstrating how space heaters in the house can cause house fires and then they listed ways to use these safely. If is in their interest to keep people safe because then they dont pay out insurance claims. But they dont come across that way. The videos come across as if they actually care about YOU and your family personally. Its very friendly and welcome. They do try to say cheap ways to stay safe. Also on their channel they have short interviews with a couple employees. These videos show the person talking about their job and what they contribute to the company. Their promises to people and the ways they help customers that sound very appealing.


Site Sharing

They do have on their various social media sites the option to like and or share the post video or tweet. Yes this is cool however, I feel that these small icons on the page dont get used as much as they potentially could be. If a user has to go out of their way to share something they probably wont. If a box pops up and asks them to share or some action similar they might be more prompted to do it. it would make it quicker, simpler, and more used I believe.




I did not see any open contests or anything. No ‘share your pic and win’ or any sort of interaction with the consumer. interacting is one of the most important parts of social media.   Without it the consumer doenst feel that personal connection that is strived for. The more the customer interacts with a company the more likely they are to buy that product and keep buying that product.

It seems as though they have covered what they seem to be the basics of a social media presence. although they add interesting content in some aspects. There is no reason to keep coming back to the social media sites once you have given it a good visit and looked at everything.



I actually discovered that the music bands that i followed had a better feel for twitter. They posted an array of information like quotes, upcoming shows, informing fans of a death of their graphic designer. Where as the other websites had mainly tweeted about contests or prizes. I had no idea what they were talking about they did not post anything else explaining to new followers what the contest was or what the company was about it was very confusing.


The guidelines I would suggest for using twitter:

1. Tweet everyday, multiple times a day. This decreases the chance of the follower becoming bored. They will feel more connected and it will help to make the relationship more personal.

2. Don’t only tweet about one thing. Make sure you remind/inform new users what is going on that day, explain contests everything you tweet about them. This gives new followers a way to essentially join the conversation.

3. Only have one person manage the account. When you have multiple people handling something like this some posts may contradict others or there may be missing or incorrect information. Better to keep it all in the hands of one person who knows the account and checks for validation before posting any important information.


LinkedIn is a very useful site for social media marketing. It is in essence used by business professionals to “network”. This gives a chance to meet other professionals that may know of a job opening that would work for them. They also could seek advice from other professionals on products to use.

This is great for marketing a specific audience. For instance, if you were selling high-end office furniture that was expensive, LinkedIn would be a better site than facebook because the general audience of LinkedIn are business professionals while facebook is a huge mix. However if you were trying to market mac and cheese then LinkedIn would be a horrible decision.

Google+ versus Facebook

Google Plus sounds like a very complicated platform. However from a business perspective it would be perfect. You would guarantee that the people viewing your page are interested and you have things in common. You would be able to market a product to different categories of people all with a different message. Google plus allows you show certain posts to a group of people without showing it to everyone. Facebook can prove to be difficult in this respect because pretty much everyone can see everything. You may post something that not everyone agrees with but as a company you gotta shot for what will please the majority. Being able to show and hide things depending on the group the person belongs to can be helpful on the flip side though this will drastically reduce the amount of people the message reaches. I think Facebook would be a better choice but in choosing Facebook the company should make sure they have a rock solid social media marketing plan in place.

3 companies who use FaceBook in their marketing plan

Hollister Co. is a clothing company that I have liked since I was in high-school. I will admit I have never been to their Facebook page before. Here is the link so feel free to take a look. I was actually surprised at the level of interactivity on the page. They had a ‘caption this’ contest ( this is where a photo is given and you pick out the best/funniest caption and post it as a comment. The company then picks a winner). It was actually pretty funny to see what one won. For a clothing company it can be hard to come up with things to put on a Facebook page, people can go to the website to look at a catalog Facebook should be interactive and this page definitely did just that. I will rate it in first place.

Mountain Dew is a drink that again I love.  I have seen the things mountain dew puts on their page mostly because of my friends liking things and entering their contests. I like the things that mountain dew posts. They talk about following the kick-start vehicles so that you can find them in your town and win big. They also post stuff from the sports that they sponsor, this gives the people that drink dew something they are interested in to look at and read about. They did not have enough interactive things in my belief though. They could have had some posts where users would fill in a blank or something to that effect. I will rate this one in second place.

Walmart has an interesting Facebook page. I say it is interesting because almost every single post was an advertisement for a product they have on their shelves. They had also posted something about how they donated a bunch of food somewhere. To make this more interactive I would highly recommend something for the user to do. For instance have a post stating that for every like or share they will donate 10 cents to the food banks, or something to that effect. They should also post things about contests like go to this store on this day say you saw it on Facebook and get 10$ free. Something to get the people involved. This is why I am putting Walmart in last place.

Blogging: is it useful?

Classmates Blogs

  • I read Justin Yoders blog and what I liked about his blog on feb 11th, was the 5 guidelines to social media marketing. He listed 5 great guidelines in a simple sentence then expanded on them in a paragraph. It was explained in a way that was easy to understand as well. You can read it here Justin has posted some other very useful information as well but I particularly liked the guidelines he had.
  • Social media marketing can have a great impact on your company but one wrong move can destroy it as Brian C wrote on his blog. He had a story about mcdonalds where a twitter feed was created. This was planned to be used to help promote the company with users sharing their good experiences and favorite things about mcdonalds. The reality was that people were using this to tell horror stories of their trips to mcdonalds. I really liked this because it is a prime example of how touching social media marketing can be. You can read his blog here :

Blog about Social Media Marketing

  • Heidi Cohen has a great blog about social media marketing. Specifically she blogged about 7 questions every small business must ask to succeed. This is the blog. I found this very helpful because it pointed out things that are simple but often over looked. I never would have thought to ask these questions. this is another blog that Heidi has written about the 8 steps to produce content that grabs your audience. These are again very simple but often over looked things. Heidi has a way of explaining things so that they small business owner could follow her blog and create a successful social media marketing plan. or at least one that does not ruin the company.

Business blogs

  • Starbucks was an interesting blog to read. It had taken some negative comments from someone and posted a blog asking what every thought about it. This was interesting because they are being active with the audience and getting feedback. They are getting input they can use to better their products. People feel involved and feel as if the company has a personal interest in what they are saying. They posted often to the blog which keeps people reading and they asked lots of questions engaging the readers. It was a good blog I rate it an A.
  • this is a blog for best buy. I was not impressed it was like I was reading a website almost. There was nothing engaging about the blogs purely informational which is a good thing however it did not give me a reason to keep reading. I felt the post where random and not well thought out. I give this site a C.
  • Home depots blog was interactive. They didn’t have lots of questions they were asking the readers, however they were posting information regarding home improvement projects. people can come here for ideas or even instructions on how to do certain projects. They do use this to promote their products. teaching people and giving them information on how to to a project will encourage them to come in and get the materials needed to do the job. Very good Idea. I rate them a B+